Walking Day

photo of an extended family, grandparents, parents, children, walking in the park

Put on your comfortable walking shoes and celebrate National Walking Day, April 3 by going for a walk!

Daily walks can be beneficial for overall emotional and physical health. Studies have shown that walking for 30-60 minutes per day can help prevent Type II diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Other benefits from walking may include maintaining a healthy weight, improved cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, and even improvement of mental health. Did you know that people who walk regularly are less likely to have insomnia, and tend to sleep better than those who don’t? Walking also improves circulation and gets the blood flowing. It can even reduce blood pressure and the risk of suffering a stroke.

Facts About Walking:

  • 3.1 miles per hour is the average walking speed for most humans
  • 2,000 steps equal approximately one mile
  • Creativity may be increased from taking a daily walk
  • 15 minutes of walking daily can curb sugar cravings