Every employee is responsible for compliance. Frequent training is conducted and a 24-hour Hotline is available for employees and residents, as well as family members, to report concerns. When reporting concerns to the Hotline, callers have the option to provide their personal contact information or to remain anonymous. We follow up on all concerns reported to the Hotline, and direct corrective action as appropriate.

Compliance has always been and always will be a priority for Oregon Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center. We stress the importance of compliance and the responsibility of every employee to support our efforts to meet or exceed our standards of conduct, as well as state and federal regulations. The multitude of rules and regulations governing the long-term care profession often makes compliance an intimidating topic. Focusing on a few basic principles of compliance can make this critical aspect of our business much easier for our leadership, and perhaps more importantly, for our direct caregivers to understand. The most important principles are presented below.

  • Always practice honesty and integrity.
  • Do what’s best for the resident. This imperative includes safety, comfort, courtesy, and respect for our residents and their family members. Medical and clinical services are directed by “reasonable and necessary” standards based upon the needs of our residents as determined by their medical provider, industry standards, and specific regulations. Our medical professionals must understand and consistently apply these professional standards.
  • Document appropriately. Appropriate documentation is complete and clear, and sets forth the services rendered in a timely manner. Documentation should demonstrate the medical necessity of those services. We document so that different shifts and disciplines know the treatment each resident has received, and to ensure that each resident’s status and history is readily available to guide their care.
  • Make compliance a priority and a personal responsibility. Every employee must accept responsibility for compliance. An environment of trust and openness must be preserved so that employees are comfortable expressing concerns to their supervisor and/or the Compliance & Ethics Hotline.

We participate in the Federal Office of Inspector General’s Compliance Program, which is a federally approved plan, whereby healthcare companies set up their own internal program, sanctioned by the federal government, to promote and uphold recognized ethical and legal standards in the conduct of business. We support these initiatives, and regularly inform and train our employees in the adherence to these program standards.

Our Compliance Program’s central goal is providing quality care to the residents of our facility. We expect that each resident will reach their highest practicable level of physical and psychosocial well-being, consistent with each resident’s fulfillment of their individual resident’s rights, as defined by OBRA 1987. Our Compliance Program and Code of Conduct are strict requirements of employment, and violations by any employee of the policies that govern this program and code will subject that individual to discipline, up to termination of employment.

If you encounter any situation that causes concern, please contact our 24-Hour Compliance & Ethics Hotline at 608.835.3535.

Oregon prohibits any retaliation against individuals who report compliance issues in good faith.