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Our Comfort Care program, which includes palliative care, provides for individual resident wishes based on care without curative intent. Advanced directives are carefully developed with our residents on admission, and we recognize that upholding dignity is vital during this sensitive time. Our team’s purpose is to comfort the resident, help them transition through this phase in their life, and support the family in the process.

While palliative care is often associated with end-of-life comfort care, this specialized medical care for providing symptom relief and stress reduction can be administered to a resident at any time during the treatment of a serious illness, whether terminal or chronic. Our palliative care team works with the resident to identify personal goals and then provides treatment options that are a close match for achieving those goals. The ultimate provision of palliative care is to improve the resident’s quality of life. Our team communicates with all resident physicians to gain an understanding and continuum of care that aligns with the resident’s goals and treatment selections. Residents’ families, doctors and nurses benefit, too, as everyone can work together to decrease suffering and stress, and increase knowledge of the illness and diagnosis.

Symptoms often treated with palliative care include pain, poor appetite, anxiety, depression, fatigue, shortness of breath, and digestive issues such as nausea and constipation. Many other distressing symptoms from an illness can be addressed by this type of care.

Our facility’s nursing team offers support to the families and loved ones of a resident going through a Graceful End-of-Life Transition. It is our staff’s intention to be mindful of when visitors are present and to anticipate their needs.

We are here to help during a Graceful End-of-Life Transition.

  • Our staff will check on family members often to assess needs.
  • Beverages and snack trays will be available throughout the day.
  • Accommodations for pastoral care or religious traditions are available.
  • Grief counseling can also be arranged, if desired.

It is our honor to serve those entrusted into our care.

Palliative care is usually covered in full or in part by most insurance plans. To learn more about the costs, please contact our Business Office Manager to discuss payment options.