Marshall, Featured Resident of the Month

Marshall, Resident of Month

Marshall S. was born and raised in Canton Ill. He grew up in the country and his family raised cows and pigs and they had a large garden. He had three brothers. He served twenty-one months in the Army and while he was in the Army he went to Korea. His job was a truck mechanic. Marshall was married to Marie for 66 years. During that time, they had two children Wayne and Kathryn. And he has four Grandchildren. He worked for International Harvester and then later went to work for Caterpillar Co. Marshall ‘s favorite foods are county fried steak and dressing. His favorite color is blue and his favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. He said he likes basketball and enjoys Fall. If he could take one trip, he said he would really like to go to Switzerland. He really enjoyed Nova Scotia he said when they went there he said it was so pretty.