Celebrate Crayon Day on March 31

single row of multi-color crayola crayons

Celebrate Crayon Day with joy, creativity, and a burst of color—because life is brighter when you’re coloring outside the lines of the ordinary! Whether you’re exploring adult coloring books, learning about crayon history, or engaging in quick and colorful activities, seize the opportunity to embrace the beauty and benefits coloring can bring to
our lives.

Coloring Extravaganza: Host a “CraYAYola” party with friends and family. Everyone can color the same picture, or color something different. Have fun coloring together.

Benefits of Coloring: Embrace the “hue”-ge benefits —relaxation, stress reduction, enhanced focus, and calming effect coloring can have on the mind.

Adult Coloring Books: Explore intricate, complex designs of adult coloring books. They make for a perfect blend of “color-therapy” and artistic expression.

Color-Themed Treats: Indulge in snacks inspired by different crayon colors. What is your favorite? Candy apple red? Or black licorice? Maybe macaroni and cheese orange?

Community Coloring Project: Collaborate on a “color-ful” community project with friends and family of all ages. Ask everyone to add something, so everyone can be proud of their contribution and togetherness.